Tour Host Giveaways :)

We love our tour hosts. Almost every tour we host will have a giveaway for hosts only. The giveaway is normally for a book from his/her wishlist (up to $20), but no matter what the giveaway is for, the entries stay the same.

1 entry- spotlight post

2 entries- Tens List or Guest Post or posting your review(s) on other sites (Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.) (2 extra entries per site in addition to posting the review on your blog).

3 entries- Author Interview

5 entries- Review on blog

******You can have as many stops on any given tour as you’d like, unless we can only allow a certain number of stops on the tour.

*** EXAMPLE: If you’d like to post a spotlight one day, an author interview the next, and a guest post the next… you’d get SIX entries.

Email any questions to:

Winner(s) are chosen at the end of each tour, and the prize is provided by the author. We aren’t responsible for anything. 🙂


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