Blog Tour Schedule: GROOMED FOR MURDER by: Zoe Dawson

The sign-ups for this tour were posted here.

If you would still like to post something for this tour, details can be found by clicking on the link above. I won't be requesting any more sign-ups, BUT I won't deny anyone who wants to help Ms.Dawson out, either. And, of course, be entered to win a book from their wishlist (up to $20.00). Also, I know that it's only been a day since sign-ups were posted, so some of you guys may have just not responded yet. YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE! :P

Here are the awesome people that will be posting, AKA-- THE SCHEDULE:

March 29th: *FanGirl Hostess- Author Interview


March 30th: *Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After- Spotlight

                                           *Waiting on Sunday to Drown- Review of both books (Leashed

                                                                                              & Groomed For Murder)

March 31st: *Bookworm Brandee- Review of both books (LEASHED &

                                                                               GROOMED FOR MURDER)

April 1st: *FanGirl Hostess- Guest Post

April 2nd: *Bookworm Brandee- Author Interview

April 3rd: *Recent Reads- review of book 1, LEASHED

                                  *Celticlady's Reviews- Spotlight

April 4th: *Recent Reads- review of book 2, GROOMED FOR MURDER & 

                                                             Author Interview

April 5th: *FanGirl Hostess- Spotlight

April 6th: *Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After- Author Interview

April 7th: *FanGirl Hostess- Review of both books (LEASHED AND GROOMED

                                                                 FOR MURDER)

Update on the giveaway for this tour: there will be a tour-wide giveaway for a $25.00 Amazon giftcard and a doggie mug (winner's choice).

The tour-wide giveaway link is below (you can find the HTML code here, share on Facebook, and enter):

EDIT: March 30th review of both books was moved to April 2nd (Waiting on Wednesday to Drown)! 🙂